by Trevor Saint

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It’s impossible to write about Abstraction Is A Type of Decadence Elaboration Is A Form of Pollution without writing about the glockenspiel and—so far—its lone virtuoso, Trevor Saint.

For varied and mysterious reasons, certain instruments were developed for the sole purpose of sitting in the back of an orchestra and waiting for the few measures when a particular “color” was needed before leaving for a cigarette break and a walk around the block until that “color” came around again.

Trevor Saint has shown us through his abilities as a performer and through his commissioning project that the color of the glockenspiel is a brilliant, snowy white. Each time his bells are refracted through the prism of performance, the full spectrum of sounds and colors hidden within the instrument reveals itself. The whiteness of the glockenspiel is a blank canvas, an imaginary place of infinite possibility, and A:D E:P is an attempt to sustain this exhilarating, paralyzing, and impossible place with the starry-eyed idealism of a child.

Like the two contradictory truisms of its title, the majority of A:D E:P is a refusal to commit to a single rhythmic or melodic plane and remain awash in a sea of polyrhythms and constantly-shifting timbres and harmonies. Suspended between these numerous musical poles, Abstraction Is A Type of Decadence Elaboration Is A Form of Pollution expresses my desire to go everywhere and nowhere at once, to be perfectly still while in constant motion, and most of all, to convince myself that the future is unwritten and that every moment is a crossroads, no matter how straight, narrow, and dark the path ahead may seem.


released December 15, 2013
Trevor Saint, solo extended-range glockenspiel



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